Jewellery Designs That Can Make Your Outfit Look Expensive!

Sometimes even the simplest saree stands out of the crowd when you accessorize it with beautiful jewellery designs for sarees. From gold plated jewelry to pearl ones to silver oxidized ones, uncut diamond ones to stone work jewellery to South Indian haram sets or coin necklaces, each jewelry has its own charm. The beauty completely depends on how to mix and match the jewelry with your saree.

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Here are some tips of how to accessorize your sarees with different types of jewellery:

  • Huge silver jhumkas always looks good with cotton and linen sarees.
  • Oxidized necklaces go well with shirt style saree blouses.
  • Choker sets looks great with deep neck saree blouses.
  • Long haram sets go very well with kanjivaram sarees.
  • Coin necklace sets suits almost every type of saree and make it look extra beautiful.

There are plenty of jewellery designs for sarees available online. Women loves to flaunt different type of jewelry pieces with different sarees. Earlier women loved to wear gold jewelry but now due to the safety purpose women prefer wearing imitation jewellery more than the gold jewelry. However, the designs and patterns available in artificial jewelleries are so beautiful that one can’t resist themselves from buying them and pairing them with lovely sarees.

Instagram / @anitageorgez
Instagram / @anitageorgez
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Instagram / @okjsignet
Instagram / @MargazhiiDesigns
Instagram / @MargazhiiDesigns
Instagram / @MargazhiiDesigns
Instagram / @MargazhiiDesigns
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Instagram / @shopanicha
Instagram / @shopanicha
Picture: Instagram / @thetiysha
Picture: Instagram / @thetiysha

In case you are looking for some of the best jewelry designs that you can pair with your sarees then check out these stunning pieces featured below. All the below featured designs are from 6 reputed online brands that have amazing collection of latest jewelry pieces.


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