Styling Jewellery With Same Color Tones!

Allow us to introduce Maanasa Hair & Makeup, a makeup artist who’s not just talented, but downright magical! Here is the gorgeous bride draped in a stunning purple silk saree that’s making heads turn left and right. But here’s where the real magic happens – her makeup artist has pulled off the most incredible feat of coordination ever!

Purple Saree Jewellery

Matching the saree color tones to a tee, our bride is rocking a set of jewelry that’s practically made of dreams. We are talking about a jaw-dropping purple Victorian choker that’s stealing the show, paired perfectly with a tikka and earrings that are just as stunning. It’s like they were made for each other!

But it doesn’t stop there. The makeup artist has worked their magic, giving our bride a look that’s equal parts glamorous and ethereal. With flawless skin, a hint of sparkle on the eyes, and just the right touch of color on the lips, she’s positively glowing.

Check out the complete styling video below:


So there you have it, folks – a bride who’s not just beautiful, but absolutely radiant from head to toe. All thanks to the incredible talents of  makeup artist and their knack for pulling off the perfect jewelry match. It’s moments like these that make you believe in the power of true artistry!

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