Moissanite Polki Attigai Necklace From Rajatamaya

This Twisted Braided Chain with 3 Removable Polki Stone Pendants From ‘Rajatamaya’ is a stunning embodiment of versatility and elegance. This beautiful necklace crafted by ‘Rajatamaya’, showcases a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

moissanite polki attigai necklace
Brand : Rajatamaya

Central to this piece is the intricately woven twisted braided chain, meticulously crafted to exude sophistication and allure. The intertwining strands create a mesmerizing texture, reminiscent of ancient motifs, while the contemporary twist adds a modern edge, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.

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The removable feature of the pendants adds a unique element of customization to the necklace, allowing the wearer to effortlessly switch between different looks. Whether opting for a single pendant for a subtle statement or adorning all three for a more dramatic effect, this necklace offers endless possibilities for personal expression.

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