Imitation Kundan Floral Hasli Necklace From ‘House of Jhumkas’

The Imitation Kundan Floral Hasli Necklace from ‘House of Jhumkas’ is a stunning piece of jewelry that perfectly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern elegance. However exquisite necklace is made from pure brass, adorned with original Kundan stones that are meticulously hand-cut to maintain their natural charm. The necklace features a bright matte finish, which adds a sophisticated touch to its overall look.

Imitation Kundan Floral Hasli Necklace From 'House of Jhumkas'
Brand Name: House of Jhumkas

What sets this necklace apart is the inclusion of pearls, which enhance its beauty and lend an extra layer of grace. The pearls are integrated seamlessly into the floral design, making the necklace a perfect accessory for special occasions or cultural events. Despite its intricate design, the necklace is lightweight, ensuring comfort even when worn for long periods.

Available in various color combinations, such as emerald white and ruby green white, this necklace offers versatility to match different outfits and preferences. Each piece is crafted with care, reflecting the high-quality standards of ‘House of Jhumkas’.

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your jewelry collection, the Kundan Floral Hasli Necklace with pearls is a perfect choice. You can buy this product here.

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