Antique Gold Lakshmi Necklace From ‘Aabushan Jewellery’

When it comes to jewelry, nothing speaks of tradition and elegance quite like the Antique Gold Lakshmi Coin Necklace from ‘Aabushan Jewellery’. This exquisite piece is a harmonious blend of heritage and artistry, designed to capture hearts and turn heads.

Antique Gold Lakshmi Necklace From 'Aabushan Jewellery'
Brand : Aabushan Jewellery

The centerpiece of this necklace is the intricately crafted Lakshmi pendant. Representing the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi’s presence is believed to bring good fortune to the wearer. The pendant is beautifully adorned with detailed engravings, showcasing the fine craftsmanship that ‘Aabushan Jewellery’ is renowned for.

Enhancing its allure are the delicate green beads and pearl hangings. These embellishment add a touch of color and grace, perfectly complementing the rich gold tones of the necklace. Each pearl and bead is carefully selected and positioned to create a seamless, flowing design that exudes sophistication.

The coin elements of the necklace pay homage to India’s rich cultural history, symbolizing timelessness and value. These coins are not just decorative; they are a nod to the age-old tradition of gifting gold as a symbol of eternal love and respect.

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