92.5 Silver Mango Kundan Necklace From ‘Tysha Jewels’

Unveil a piece of heritage and sophistication with the 92.5 Silver Mango Kundan Necklace from ‘Tysha Jewels’. This exquisite necklace seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary flair, making it a must-have for every jewelry lover.
92.5 Silver Mango Kundan Necklace From 'Tysha Jewels'
Brand : Tysha Jewels’
Crafted from high-quality 92.5 silver, this necklace features stunning mango-shaped motifs that symbolize prosperity and good fortune. Each mango motif is intricately adorned with brilliant Kundan stones, known for their rich history and timeless allure. The dazzling Kundan stones reflect light beautifully, adding a radiant sparkle to your ensemble.
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The necklace’s design is further enhanced by delicate detailing and a flawless finish, showcasing the brand dedication to craftsmanship and quality. The harmonious blend of silver and Kundan stones creates a regal look, perfect for special occasions and festive celebrations.
What makes this necklace truly special is its versatility. Whether you’re dressing up for a wedding, a cultural event, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your everyday attire, this piece is sure to make a statement. Its lightweight construction ensures comfort without compromising on style.
Experience the beauty and craftsmanship of the 92.5 Silver Mango Kundan Necklace from ‘Tysha Jewels’. Let this stunning piece become a cherished addition to your jewelry collection, radiating grace and elegance wherever you go.

Brand Details : 

Brand Name : Tysha Jewels
Contact/Whatsapp : +91 6383079920
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tyshajewels/

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