22 Classic Gold Vadanam Designs For Women of All Age

We all know that accessorizing is one of the most important part of a traditional outfit. As women, it is in our nature to dress up well and pair up with the perfect ornaments.

A typical traditional attire, especially in South India, is incomplete without a gold vaddanam. This is a waist belt or chain that brings out the essence of the attire. There are various styles of vaddanams available out there and hence, it could be quite tiresome to find the right one for you.

To help you out, below are some of the best gold vaddanam designs that can be worn by women of any age. You can pick out your best liking and you are all set to go.

The Classic Design

If you want to show off the traditionalism and hierarchy in your family, this is just the right pick. It has a crown type look with sea pearls dangling at the bottom. The detailing is simple and the stones can steal attention all around.

gold vadanam designs

Royal Highness

This design goes perfectly well with any outfit. Since it has no hangings, it sits just right on your waist and hence, is very comfortable. The studded ruby, emerald and, CZ stones give quite a royal look.

gold vadanam designs

Holy Engraving

This design is perfect if you wish to have a completely divine look. The goddess engraves are sensational. The stones and pearls do not fail to take the look to a whole new level.

gold vadanam designs

Traditional Divinity

Elephants are a great part of our Indian tradition. The detailing on this vaddanam is greatly astounding and the head of the belt seems to make it stand out from all the others.

gold vadanam designs

The Simplistic Glance

This design is perfect if you wish not to overdo your look. It is neither too pompous nor too simple. It is elegant and the design is just at the right level.

gold vadanam designs

Detailing Is The Key

If you always look for intricate detailing in your ornaments, this design is the best option for you. The carving is flawless and can amaze all those around you.

gold vadanam designs

Asymmetrically Majestic

The ruptured shape of this vaddanam is definitely worth looking out for. It stands out on your waist and can surely gain great attention. The detailing is perfect too and the little swaying in the end adds to the overall look.

gold vadanam designs

Colossal Beauty

If you want a vaddanam that covers up your entire waist and stomach area, this is surely the one for you. The simple yet elegant CZ stone designing filled with rubies and emeralds is a great catch for the eye.

gold vadanam designs

The Delicate Charisma

This simple twirled pattern is sure to steal away your heart. It is quite delicate and is perfect if you have a tiny waist. It gives quite a royal look and can be worn even in simple occasions.

gold vadanam designs

Bold And Simple

This design is minimalistic and hence way too different from the regular ones. The ruby stone in the center catches everyone’s attention and can surely be matched with any outfit.

gold vadanam designs

The Diamond Shine

This design is completely filled with white a stone which gives it a diamond feel. The ruby and emeralds etched on it add grace to the overall outfit and the pears are absolutely worth the buy.

gold vadanam designs

Tangled Magnificence

This design is yet another delicate one, which is sure to make you the showstopper at any occasion. It sits perfectly on your waist and you can carry it around all day long effortlessly. The intricate detailing will surely mesmerize you and the people around you.

gold vadanam designs

Typical Traditional

This gold vaddanam has simplistic detailing and hence, is a classic design. The tiny stones give an elegant aspect to the overall attire.

gold vadanam designs

The Beautiful Bliss

The detailing on this design is flawless and can amuse pretty much anyone. The white pearls have their own essence and make the overall look complete.

gold vadanam designs

The Crown Look

This design gives a crown kind of look and sits just right on your waist. It has stones only in the center and is completely plain on the sides. It is different from the rest and can be paired with any outfit.

gold vadanam designs

Classic Enhancement

Nothing is better than a simple waist belt. It has minimal yet sophisticated detailing and the stones add great charm to it. The golden beads at the end blend in perfectly well.

gold vadanam designs

Deity Carvings

If you love the touch of religion on your ornaments then this one is for you. It has goddess craved into it along with the triumphant elephants. The border grabs a special attention and is sure to turn all heads.

gold vadanam designs

The Thick Band

This vaddanam is purely classy and is not at all pompous. Its simplicity rules out all the other designs for a mild occasion and the pattern is quite rendering too.

gold vadanam designs

Loaded Ecstasy

This design is perfect if you want a not too shiny vaddanam. It looks simple yet is charming at the same time. The embossed pattern is great and the tiny pearls go completely well with the overall design.

gold vadanam designs

Heavy Grandeur

This is probably the most heavy gold vaddanam design you could ask for. It has the most flawless detailed work and is sure to amuse all those around you. It is perfect if you want to show off some gold at an occasion.

gold vadanam designs

Religious Serenity

If you’re totally into divine looking accessories, this is where your search ends. It is quite heavy and the pearls add up to a great new elegance. The detailing is quite astounding and the vaddanam can be worn to almost any occasion.

gold vadanam designs

Take A Break

If you’re looking for some way to get rid of the heavy ornaments and rely upon the simple ones, this design is the perfect pick. The center is neither too filled nor too empty.

gold vadanam designs

Go on; find the perfect vaddanam for your attire. They are in trend and are sure to stay around for a much longer time.

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