These 25+ Jhumka Design Images Will Stun You

Irrespective of the type of outfit, a traditional look is incomplete without a perfect pair of jhumkas. All women most definitely love jhumkas and hence, this one’s for them. To make your attire enhancing and reach new levels of beauty, we are here with 25+ jhumka designs that will stun you. These designs will glorify your outfit and bring out a great sense of confidence within any woman.

Antique Jhumka With A Modern Touch

This pair of vintage jhumkas will set you on an altogether new class. The purple and white stones go well with both complementing as well as contrasting outfits.

jhumka design image 1 tarinika
Seller Name : Tarinika

Simply Elegant Pearl Dangling

These jhumkas are simple and yet, steal the attention from all around. The bead type look of the gold, paired along with pearls is a great new combination that will set you apart from the rest.

jhumka design image 2 tarinika
Seller Name : Tarinika

Intricate Detailing

This pair of gold jhumkas is perfect if you are looking for a mild attraction. The gold bead dangling at the end too adds to their beauty.

Jhumka design image 3 tarinika
Seller Name : Tarinika

Petal Look With Single Stone

Nothing can ever beat the monotonous look. The petal and flower design, although simple, makes a great enhancement to your outfit. The ruby stone is set to steal your heart.

jhumka design image 4 Tarinika
Seller Name : Tarinika

Jhumka With Ring

If you are looking for a pair that is light on your lobe, this is the one for you. The gold, ruby and emerald combination is as always, a classic pick for any occasion.

jhumka design image 5 Ms pink panther
Seller Name : Ms Pink Panthers

Beauty Of The Ruby Stones

Peacock designing is a classic detail and is completely uplifted by the ruby stones. This pair is great for a typical pink and gold outfit.

jhumka design image 6 ms pink panther
Seller Name : Ms Pink Panthers

Sophisticated Look

When a jhumka is neither too heavy nor too simple, it reaches the perfect level of sophistication. This pair of jhumkas is a perfect example and the ruby stones put in a great deal of beauty.

jhumka design image 7 mspinkpanther
Seller Name : Ms Pink Panthers

Big Is Beautiful

These jhumkas with an overfilled look is great for a heavy designer outfit. It can be worn on grand occasions and they will give you a royal look.

jhumka design image 8 ms pink panther
Seller Name : Ms Pink Panthers

Dull Jhumka With Deity

A trendy dull toned jhumka with a deity is quite spectacular. It is long and has intricate detailing associated with it, making sure to steal attention.

jhumka design image 9 tvameva
Seller Name : Tvameva

Bordering The Ear

This pair of assembled ruby and white stones is perfect for a designer look. It covers your ear almost completely thereby, beautifying the outfit.

jhumka design image 10 tvameva
Seller Name : Tvameva

Peacock Beauty

Peacocks are an intricate part of all traditional jewelry. The detailing is perfect and is enhanced by ruby and emerald stones.

jhumka design image 11 tvameva
Seller Name : Tvameva

The Simple Traditional Look

These are probably the simplest pair of jhumkas you’ll ever find. They would go perfectly with any outfit which has gold detailing. The tiny pearl beads add to the beauty.

jhumka design image 12 tvameva
Seller Name : Tvameva

Minimal gold

If you are looking for something with the least gold this is the one for you. The ruby stones are set to catch hold of anyone’s attention and the pair would go perfectly well with a pretty pink outfit.

jhumka design image 13 rajatamaya
Seller Name : Rajatmaya

Designer look

This pair has intricate detailing and great combination. It can be matched with almost any outfit for any occasion.

jhumka design image 14 rajatamaya
Photo : Rajatmaya

The long beauty

These jhumkas completely cover your ear and are perfect if you wish to put on a ghoonghat. The combination of ruby and emeralds never fails.

Seller Name : Rajatamaya

Classic design in modern times

This is the traditional design that can be passed on to generations. It is quite antique and can be paired with almost all outfits.

jhumka design image 16 rajatamaya
Seller Name : Rajatmaya

Bird in cage

This pair is quite different from the rest. It has a modern look attached to it and yet can be worn with traditional outfits. It is love to show off the fashionable side of you, pick this one!

Jhumka design image 17 bcosits-silver
Seller Name : Bcos Its Silver

Enhanced with stones

Stones in ornaments is the perfect way to beautify them. Ruby, emerald and white stones go perfectly well together and are a great pick for any occasion.

jhumka design image 18 BCOS
Seller Name : Bcos Its Silver

The red beauty

As we all know, red and black is a great combination. The faded silver with bright red stones is sure to amaze all those that look at it.

jhumka design image 19 BCOS
Seller Name : Bcos Its Silver

The Godly Appeal

This pair is a perfect pick if you are looking for something completely religious. The design and detailing go perfectly with one another.

jhumka design image 20 BCOS
Seller Name : Bcos Its Silver

Rain in pearls

The chain of pearls dangling at the bottom make this pair a great pick to match with simple attires. It can be worn to almost any occasion.

jhumka design image 21 RIMLI
Seller Name : Rimli

Ruby beads

Since rubies are greatly in trend, beads of ruby make a great show of enhancement. This pair is greatly satisfying and can uplift your outfit.

jhumka design image 22 RIMLI
Seller Name : Rimli

Lord Ganesh embellished jhumkas

This pair would be perfect to mark the beginning of a new life. They can be worn every day and are quite soothing because of the ruby.

jhumka design image 23 RIMLI
Seller Name : Rimli

Whitestone and gold combination

Bright gold paired up with equally shiny white stones is a go-to. It can be paired with all outfits and is great for last minute matching.

jhumka design image 24 RIMLI
Seller Name : Rimli

The rose gold shade

Rose gold jewellery is very much emerging lately. This simple and sophisticated pair of jhumkas is great for any formal occasion. The peacock design adds to the beauty and simplicity.

jhumka design image 25 Aarvee
Seller Name : Aarvee

The long dangling

This pair is great especially for a typical Kerala saree. The peacock enhances the overall look and the jhumka is not too huge.

jhumka design image 26 arvee
Seller Name : Aarvee

Vivid blue stones

The bright blue stones are set to grab all attention at any occasion. The bordering white pearls are a great addition.

jhumka design image 27 arvee
Seller Name : Arvee

Pink and white combination

This pair is perfect for any light hued outfit. The white stones on the top bring the overall look together.

Irrespective of age, race, and culture, jhumkas are always a fascination for all women in our country. A pair of beautiful jhumkas is definitely a must-have for any woman. They are the most sensational accessory which lightens up the attire as well as personality. Go ahead and buy yourself a beautiful pair of jhumkas.

jhumka design image 28 aarvee
Seller Name : Aarvee

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